Catalogues and inventories

The Archivio Storico Civico and Biblioteca Trivulziana pursues a regular programme of  description of its archive and library collection. This is carried out, partly through ongoing cataloguing and study by the Institute’s own staff in the context of national and international library collaboration, and partly through supporting specific projects promoted by academic and research institutions.

The Institute’s archive and library collection may be consulted using card inventories and catalogues, and electronic records are available online from two dedicated workstations.

The list of electronic records available online is updated regularly.


Main online resources

Manus Online

Manus Online

Incunabula Short Title Catalogue 
Material Evidence in Incunabula
Marginalia. Un censimento di incunaboli postillati presso la Biblioteca Trivulziana di Milano

Catalogo di legature storiche e di pregio dell’Archivio Storico Civico e Biblioteca Trivulziana. Secolo XV

16th century publications:
Edit16. Censimento nazionale delle edizioni italiane del XVI secolo

Modern editions (after 1991):
SBN Polo Regionale Lombardo 
SBN nazionale

ACNP Catalogo italiano dei periodici


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