Reading Room

Registering for the use of the Historic Civic Archive and Trivulziana Library is free of charge. The institute allows for consultation of its material in two reading rooms: Girolamo Mopurgo (for books and documents) and Ornato Fabbriche (for records of buildings and streets, street appearance, planning regulations and the museum archives). No prior booking is required for consultation of the archive. It is advisable, however, to inquire as to the availability of the publications one wishes to consult in advance, as some of the works may not be available either because they are not accessible to the public or because they are on loan to public or private institutions in Italy or abroad or because they are part of an exhibition or currently undergoing conservative restoration. An up to date list of the works that are unavailable can be found on the Works in movement page.

Personnel can provide users with information on the collection both remotely and on site as well as assist in the use of the inventory, the descriptive catalogues and the cataloguing tools. The office can make photocopies and professional reproductions for a fee.

Opening times

Girolamo Morpurgo reading room
Monday-Friday 9.00-12.00; 13.30-16.30  

Requests for a maximum of 4 items in the morning and 4 in the afternoon must be made 30 minutes before morning or afternoon closing times.

Ornato Fabbriche reading room
Monday-Friday 9.00-12.00