Milano 1498: a document signed by Ludovico il Moro

The Pergamena Miniata 12 is a 5 metre long roll of parchment written by a single scribe in humanistic cursive. The head of the document is decorated by the Master of the Landriani Hours with three Sforza coats of arms surrounded by gold initials  of the name and titles of Ludovico il Moro. The long text is the  original instrumentum of Ludovico il Moro’s decision in favour of Ludovico Visconti Borromeo and against the sons of Giovanni Borromeo (Gilberto, Ludovico, Lancillotto, don Galeazzo and Filippo) in the case of the inheritance rights of Vitaliano Borromeo on the 18th August 1498. The document contains the signature of Ludovico il Moro and the signum tabellionatus undersigned by the chancellor and the ducal notary Stefano Gusperto da Cremona.